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- Abstract -

Objectives: Assessment of TB-risk factors in an endemic area.
Material and methods: Prospective study of exposure to a variety of risk factors before and during active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). The study group consisted of 427 teenage and adult subjects diagnosed with TB, confirmed by TB culture, between 1 January 31 December 2009, in the Timis County. Information regarding potential TB-risk factors was collected by means of a questionnaire together with the data existing in the county TB records.

Results: The main risk factors in TB were: chronic smoking (24.59%), chronic alcoholism (19.2%), socio-economical status the absence of any medical insurance (25.06%), diabetes mellitus (6.09%), HIV status (2.34%) and cohabitation with a relative infected with TB (3.05%).

Conclusions: When the incidence of exposure is taken into consideration, the most important factors in developing TB in the Timis County were chronic smoking, poor socio-economical status (lack of medical insurance), chronic respiratory diseases and, last but not least, diabetes mellitus.

Key words: pulmonary tuberculosis, risk factors, exposure



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