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- Abstract -

Oral health represents an essential component of health maintenance because of the negative impact that different ore-dental conditions have on the general health status and their consequences. Doctor-patient communication plays a very important role in maintaining the oral health status, the practitioner being able to offer attention and moral support for the patient in order to obtain a satisfactory therapeutical result. Good communication increases the frequency of visits to the dentist, diminuishes anxiety and the practitioner has to understand human behaviuor in order to modelate it for oral health promotion and to develop a succesful practice. Once a patient is educated and is giving oral health the proper attention one will observe the benefic effects on social grounds gathered in the general well-being and the increase of life quality.

Communication in medical practice means assuming a high communicative competence that represents a priority for proffessionals in the medical field, especially for doctors. Thus, it means recognizing and decoding messages transmitted by the patient on one hand and using adecquate ways of communication in order to transmit informations to the patient on the other hand.

Key words: oral health, doctor-patient communication, education, feedback.



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