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- Abstract -

Objective of this research was to reveal the frequency, distribution, location and other characteristics of Fordyce's spots in a group of persons in relation to their sex, age and other characteristics.

Material and method: This research involved 500 persons (294 female and 206 male) of different age. The whole oral cavity was examined with naked eye visual inspection, as well as with a magnifying glass (5x). The obtained results, in order to assess their significance were analyzed by standard statistical methods.
Result and conclusion: The results obtained in this study showed that the Fordyce's spots were present in 66 % of all examined persons. They were most often located in the bucal oral mucosa, then in the vermillion of lips, lip mucosa and retromolar region of mandible.

The Fordyce's spots are not a pathological condition, but ectopic (heterotopic) sebaceous glands.

Key words: Fordyce's spots, ectopic sebaceous glands, oral mucosa




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